Water, water, everywhere.

A major challenge of this big fishing year is keeping the financial costs associated with this quest to a minimum. A simple way to this is to fish in waters close to home. I live in Ridgefield, WA and am surrounded by water. From my bedroom window I can see the Warrior Rock lighthouse where the Columbia, the Lewis, and the Lake Rivers merge. Within a 30 minute drive or paddle from my house are numerous lakes and rivers that support a diversity of cold and warm water fisheries. In 2014 at a minimum I hoping to catch 50 species and with some luck I could get half-way there within 30 minutes from home!

  1. American Shad
  2. Black Crappie
  3. Bluegill
  4. Brown Bullhead
  5. Brown Trout
  6. Bull Trout
  7. Channel Catfish
  8. Chinook Salmon
  9. Chisel Mouth
  10. Coho Salmon
  11. Columbia River Smelt (maybe - proposed changes may allow for harvest in 2014)
  12. Common Carp
  13. Cutthroat Trout
  14. Largemouth Bass
  15. Northern Pikeminnow
  16. Peamouth
  17. Pumpkinseed
  18. Rainbow Trout (both resident coastal subspecies & steelhead)
  19. Signal Crayfish
  20. Sockeye Salmon (anadromous and land-locked kokanee)
  21. Starry Flounder
  22. Tiger Muskie
  23. Walleye
  24. Warmouth
  25. White Crappie
  26. White Sturgeon
  27. Yellow Perch
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