My name is Tyler Hicks. I am a farmer, hunter, gatherer, ecologist, naturalist, and conservation biologist but above all I am fisherman. I started fishing at young age with my father on the wind swept lakes of the Kansas prairies. Crappie, largemouth bass, and catfish were the targets of my desire. I grew away from fishing for a time but still occasionally pursued trout high in the Rockies or catfish deep in the swamps of the panhandle of Florida. I moved to Cascadia to pursue my graduate studies several years ago. I once again took up rod and reel and after hooking my first king salmon on the Wind River I never looked back.

Since that day piscine pursuits have consumed a significant portion of my life. The Cascadia ecoregion offers a year-round cornucopia of species to pursue with steelhead, salmon, and tuna being among my favorites. However, there are numerous fisheries I've overlooked for too long. Today there is an incredible amount of information on fishing available at the push of button. Fisherman with decades of experience, true masters of their craft, routinely publish tutorial, tips, and make videos available to anyone with an internet connection. I am eager to take this information and apply it on the water in my Cascadia big fishing year.

- Hope lies in every cast, in every aquamarine hole, and behind every boulder. I don't care if it takes one or a thousands casts I will not surrender this obsession. -
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